Christian Calendar

Nesodden Kirke, Nesodden, Norway:

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Here you will find the Christian Calendar (Microsoft Excel).
More about the Christian Calendar will be published later!

Lokal Sanntid:
Hèr finnes en liste, over de viktigste byer/land (2 tegns internasjonal Internet-kode!!), samt deres lokale sanntid.

The Christian Calendar is only made and published in Norwegian.
Here are two screenshots that will - hopefully - do it a bit - easier - to understand:

A1: Calendar Conversion, between Gregorian calendar and Christian Calendar.
A4: Weekday, B3/B4: Gregorian date, C3-D3/C4: Christian Date, North of Equator, C3-D4/C5: Christian Date, South of Equator.
Weekdays in A4->:
Lørdag: Saturday (the Weeks starts on - Saturday!)
Søndag: Sunday
Mandag: Monday
Tirsdag: Tuesday
Onsdag: Wednesday
Torsdag: Thursday
Fredag: Friday
The Calendar format is DD/MM/YYYY on the Gregorian calendar, but DD.MM.Y'YYY on the - real - Christian Calendar.

In this part you will see that the Christian Calendar, as Active! :)

When you are saving the Christian Calendar locally, Please remember that the file extension must end with the file extension .xlsx .
(Choose "Lagre som...")/("Save target as...")

Here is the Christian Calendar (Adobe PDF-format).
Here are the star signs, according to the Christian Calendar.